For the past five years, I’ve been keeping a document with all of my video game conquests. It’s a tiny little Excel spreadsheet, a few hundred kilobytes summarizing thousands of hours of triumph and heartbreak. I keep it as a secret penance for a guilty pleasure; I figure that if I’m going to permit a box of wires and plastic to occasionally preempt my personal and professional life, then I should at least record the experience for posterity.

Terminating each row of this spreadsheet is a little review—barely a tweet’s worth—so that my future self will know what I’d thought of the game into which I’d just sunk a substantial chunk of my life. However, as the years wore on, it became harder and harder to contain my opinion in that one little line. I compensated by talking about video games to people who couldn’t care less: cab drivers, homeless people, baristas…. even my wife. Suffice to say it was a dark time.
Then, an elegant solution revealed itself to me… I could just write a longer review! In fact, I could even put it on the Internet! And thus, this blog was conceived. Worst case, it’s a lonely, unread repository for a bunch of my opinions on video games and gaming, opinions I would have put in writing regardless. Best case, it will be a way for me to relate to others the experiences of another 30-something man-child trying to balance his family, career, friends, and hobbies with his passion for (and addiction to) video games.