With this post, I’m officially returning from a four-month hiatus. It’s been a whirlwind summer so far, including but not limited to major life events such as thesis defenses, graduations, new jobs, and pregnancies. (You know, it’s apt that the word “hiatus” comes from the Latin word for yawning, because my hiatus has not involved very much sleep.)
Regardless, I’m back now. In fact, I’m so back that I’m making the following pledge: from this point forward, there will be a new blog post every Tuesday and a new game review every Thursday.
Now, you may doubt me (and given my track record, you’d be justified). However, I’m very serious about this. New posts. Every Tuesday. Every Thursday. Even holidays. For example, I’m told Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday this year… who knows, maybe I’ll be so filled with the holiday spirit of slaughtering turkeys that I’ll end up playing this game.
I’m just kidding, of course. If I’m playing anything around Thanksgiving, it will be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Saints Row: The Third. I assume the choice will depend on whether the tension of spending time with family is better eased by murdering dragons or hookers.
On second thought, why do I have to choose? Maybe this year I’ll need both.

3 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. If I’m in labor on a thursday and you are posting a review, I will use the placenta to smother you.

    Love and kisses…

    Your Wife

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