PAX East 2012 Starts Tomorrow!

This weekend is not only Easter, but also my wife’s birthday… however, while my wife and kids are off with my in-laws searching for Easter eggs and binging on ham, I’m going to be here in Boston at the Penny Arcade Video Game Exposition (East Coast Variety)—also known as PAX East. In other words, either (a) my wife is a wonderful, selfless person, or (b) Sunday night I’ll be returning home to find changed locks and a petition for legal separation.

PAX East starts tomorrow and runs all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Yours truly will be over at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in South Boston all day every day, checking out the booths, attending panels, and just generally soaking up the most impressive cocktail of nerd culture and alternative hygiene you’re likely to find in Boston this year. Be sure to check back often over the next few days, as I’ll be live blogging the sights, sounds, and smells of PAX throughout the weekend!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but apparently PAX will be.

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