PAX East 2013 Starts Tomorrow!

I can’t believe that nearly a year has passed since I abandoned my family for the Easter holiday to attend my first gaming expo, PAX East 2012. This time the good folks at Penny Arcade have taken the less blasphemous approach of not attempting to be “bigger than Jesus”, which means that although I’ll have a tougher time dodging the annual family ham-and-guilt session next week, the good news is that PAX East 2013 starts tomorrow!

If you’ve ever been to a Penny Arcade Expo before, you know what a great experience it is. Tomorrow morning I’m heading over to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center for three intense days of impressive game demonstrations, informative and entertaining panels, and the friendliest bunch of weirdos you’ve ever met. I’ll be live blogging all day every day, so keep coming back to the site to see what’s going on at PAX!

You can check out the schedule of events for PAX East 2013 here. If you think there’s something I should check out, note it in the comments, hit me up on Facebook, or send me a message on Twitter!

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