Extra Life 2013 Is Tomorrow!

October was one intense month. I started a new job for the first time in 10 years, we threw a birthday for our 5-year-old son where the theme was “all of the iPad games”, and our Boston Red Sox won the World Series! Fortunately, I get to kick off November with a nice, relaxing 25-hour charity video gaming marathon, because Extra Life 2013 starts tomorrow morning!!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has donated for their incredible generosity. I’ve been utterly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from my friends, family, colleagues, and readers, who so far have helped raise over $1,400 for Boston Children’s Hospital (plus at least another $500 in matching corporate donations)!

Second, I wanted to encourage anyone who hasn’t donated yet to please consider helping the cause. Even a $5 or $10 donation helps me towards my goal, and more importantly, it makes me feel that you value me as a friend, which is really great for my ego.

He's coming...

He’s coming…

Finally, I wanted to share a few details about tomorrow’s proceedings:

  • The Extra Life marathon starts at 8:00 AM. Though this wasn’t the original plan, I will likely spend the morning standing in a crowd playing my Nintendo 3DS while watching our victorious Red Sox parade through the streets of downtown Boston.
  • For the rest of the day I will be at home, where I will be playing The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on PC. (Ironically, though I’m playing it to help children, it is not a game that children should be playing.) You will be able to view my Twitch.tv livestream here.
  • During the evening, I will be making an appearance at a local Halloween mash-up costume party to play some NES and SNES games with the other revelers. If you’re curious about my costume, here’s a spoiler: http://bit.ly/1aPuOZW
  • Finally, I’ll be returning home for the wee hours for some more livestreaming. If you’re up at 3:00 AM, tune in to my Twitch.tv station again to see a half-drunk and fully exhausted idiot scare the hell out of himself with some Amnesia: The Dark Descent (widely accepted as one of the scariest games of all time).

That’s it! Thanks again to everyone who has donated, to Xsplit for generously donating free one-month licenses for their streaming software, and to Extra Life for organizing this great charity event. See you tomorrow!

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